Cliff Breksi is one of the most popular new destinations in Yogyakarta, in contrast to other tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, this cliff Breksi is originally a white stone mining complex managed by local people, in other words this Breksi cliff is not formed naturally but formed due to mining activities conducted by local residents.
The beginning of Breksi Cliff becomes a tourist destination is when the geological researchers to research the rocks located at the location, after the research was completed data found that the existing rock in the location is a sediment from volcanic ash volcano Purba Nglanggeran, therefore the Brecken Cliffs area including into natural cultural reserves that must be protected so that mining activities are stopped.
Since then the community activities around the Breksi Sluggish Cliffs, people who originally worked as miners have to find another job. Over time some tourists visit the former mine because it is a nice view with high limestone cliffs looming which is a novel thing that has never existed before in Yogyakarta, at that time has not formed a stewardship to accommodate tourists who visit, until finally Brecken Breccia the more crowded visited by tourists and formed a board in the area.
Currently Tebing Breksi has been transformed into a new popular tourist destinations in Yogyakarta and has been equipped with various supporting facilities such as the construction of Tlatar Seneng is an amphitheater or an open stage that is functioned for stage art performances or can be used if there are special occasions with seating half circled a stage that adds to the beauty of the Breksi Cliff. Cliff Location
Tebing Breksi is located in Groyokan Hamlet, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan Subdistrict, Sleman Regency, DIY. Approximately 1 kilometer before Ijo Temple (from Prambanan - Piyungan road), Breksi Cliff itself is included in the area of ​​herritage tourism area of ​​Ijo Temple.
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Route Towards Brecken Cliffs
From Prambanan to the cliffs is about 7 km. It is located before Ijo Temple. If from the direction of Jogja, there is a faster path. Up on the Piyungan junction, you can turn right. Straight up to cross the Prambanan-Piyungan road. From here follow the signpost to Ijo Temple. On the left side of the road, will banners bearing the bold marked tourist Breksi cliff.
Price of admission
This Breksi cliff is open daily, no special rate is payable to enter this bridge cliff, just need to donate seikhlasnya for the cost of management and pay motorcare services for Rp 2.000, - / motor and Rp 5,000, - for the car.


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