Gunungkidul has a beautiful tourist destination nan beautiful, not only the rows of beaches that can be the attraction of visitors to visit Gunungkidul but many other attractions such     as      Luweng Sampang Waterfall this. Luweng Sampang Waterfall is located in Sampang village, Gedangsari district, Gunungkidul district.
Jogja does have a natural charm that is not less interesting when compared with other attractions. You could say there are still many natural attractions in jogja that is still untouched, every place with its own beauty and uniqueness. so also with this place that has its own beauty.
This one waterfall holds a lot of beauty that we can enjoy. Before visiting the location then there are some things you need to know.

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Location and Origin Name Waterfall Luweng Sampang
As one of the tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul, this place is arguably one of the best. This waterfall itself is located aerah Gunung Kidul or more precisely in the village of Sampang, Kec Gedangsari. if we depart from the center of Yogya then we need about an hour drive. The distance we have to travel to get to this location alone approximately approximately 30 Km. Apart from the direction of downtown Jogja, we can also come to this location from the direction of Klaten. This is because the location of this waterfall itself right in the border of Klaten and Jogja.
Origin name of this waterfall itself is not something that is too surprising. The name of this waterfall consists of two words namely Luweng and Sampang. Luweng own word in Java means Hole, while sampang is the location where the waterfall is located. The naming is because if we look from above then the allocation of the waterfall is indeed like a hole. The famous reason used to name the waterfall is Luweng Sampang.
The Beauty of Luweng Sampang Waterfall
Luweng Waterfall SampangAir waterfall this one does have its own beauty. If we can say with the design design then the area around the waterfall is very beautiful. waterfall itself can be spelled out not too high even short impressed. And the area of the waterfall itself is not too broad. But what makes this location very interesting is the limestone wall that surrounds this waterfall.

Limestone walls that surround the waterfall is formed from the consequences of eroded water flow that has long been in the area. The existence of lime walls is not a new thing, especially in mountain areas kidul.Hal this is because the area of Gunung Kidul itself is a region of Karst which is dominated by limestone hills.
We often see many waterfalls towering above the cliffs look solid as the Madakaripura Waterfall. However, in this one waterfall we will not see anything gallant, but more lead to calm. This waterfall itself gives susana so calm if we come and enjoy its beauty. actually there are two waterfalls in this area. If we trace the flow of the river into a waterfall then we will find a second waterfall. The second distance of this waterfall itself is not too far away.
In addition to the beauty of limestone cliffs, other things that become the attraction in this waterfall is the color of the water. If we are lucky then the color of the water in this place will be bluish green. however, the color of the water in this waterfall itself is influenced by the intensity of the rain. if heavy rain comes then the color of the water will be a turbid brown.

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Route to Luweng Sampang waterfall
To reach this location is actually not a difficult thing. There are many routes we can take to get to this one location. some of the routes we can take are
If we are from the direction of Jogja then we can melwati Jalan direction of Solo, then headed toward T-junction to Changwarno, from here we can continue to go towards Sub-district of Changwarno. after reaching Kecamatan then we continue again to Jogoprayan village. then forwarded to the Sampang village. to find this location we have to follow the road about 2 kilometers. while the exact point of the waterfall is on the left side of the road.
If you still feel sussah or and are afraid of getting lost. then we can just use the Google Maps application to get to the area. We include the coordinates of the waterfall Luweng sampang so that you are more confident toward the destination that you are headed. GPS coordinates from this location are S7o48’35.65 ” E110o34’20.02 “.
however, there is one more way that can make you can definitely go to this location. you should hire drivers or invite friends who know and have been to this location. This way more guarantee you to get to destination safely and surely.
Facilities at Waterfall Luweng Sampang
Luwe waterfall

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