Teletubbies hill by its name is including the type of hill tour or located in the hills. Do not get me wrong, this one tourist destination is not a mound of green hills that are similar in Teletubbies television series, but in the form of a view post located above or in the eastern tourist area domes or often called home teletubbies, home domes is often called home teletubbies because it is half-rounded like a home telerubbies telerubial telerubbies, that’s why the hill is named Hill Teletubbies because of its location is still one area with a home domes or teletubbies homes.

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With its location on the hill to make Bukit Teletubbies save a variety of beauty, especially the beauty of the panorama or landscape of the city of Yogyakarta. Although not too high but still has its own beauty, especially to see the House Domes view that looks like eggs lined up when viewed from above and when the afternoon comes you can see the sunset when the weather is sunny on the Hill Teletubbies.


Hill location teletubbies prambanan
Teletubbies hill is located in Nglepen Village, Sumberharjo Village, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. Distance of Teletubbies hill location from Yogyakarta city about 21 km. To reach the hill location teletubbies we can use a motorcycle, car or other personal vehicle. Long journey from yogyakarta city to teletubbies hill approximately 1 hour drive.

Route road to prambanan teletubbies hill
There are 2 easy route to get to teletubbies hill from yogyakarta city.
The first route: From the city of Yogyakarta take Jl. Sultan Agung Continue to Jl. Kusumanegara to jl Janti continue to jl Maguwo, Jl. Raya Berbah continues Jl. Berbah – Prambanan, until at jl Piyungan – Prambanan turn left continue at the Jlatren Crossroad turn right straight follow the board directions to the hill teletubbies attractions.
Second route: From yogyakarta city Take Jl. Sultan Agung Continue to Jl. Kusumanegara jl Gedong Kuning, continue to take Jl Jogja-Wonosari, to the junction of Piyungan turn left, continue until at the Jlatren Crossroad turn right straight follow the sign of directions to teletubbies hill.

Admission Prudanan teletubbies hill
The price of admission teletubbies prambanan hill is quite cheap ie seiklasnya.
For motorcycle ticket price 2.000 rupiah and car 5000 rupiah

Facilities on the hill teletubbies prambanan
Some facilities on the prambanan teletubbies hill include gasebo, view towers, parks, seating and parking lots.

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